Navigating COVID-19: Marketing tips for small businesses

With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to spread across the country, small business owners are being forced every day to make tough decisions in various areas of their businesses — from staffing and payroll to marketing and advertising. At SmartSolutions, we want to help your company navigate these unprecedented waters with some digital marketing tips for your businesses in the wake of a global pandemic.

Don’t “capitalize”

Navigating the COVID-19 outbreak from a digital marketing standpoint as a small business.
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One of the biggest mistakes that a business can make, from an optics standpoint, is to utilize the pandemic (and the fact that more people than ever are quarantined at home) as an opportunity to boost sales. There is a big difference between helping customers find/shop your businesses, and capitalizing on situations.

Some examples of helping your customers find and shop your business can be offering ordering ahead and curbside pickup options (or even delivery, if you have the capabilities). Another option would be to offer exclusive deals on gift cards to provide your customers a way to help your business now, and keep them coming back later.

Bad examples of “capitalizing” on the situation would include offering distasteful coupon codes (related to COVID-19) for deals using the coronavirus for any type of marketing strategy.

Keep it positive

In the wake of a global pandemic, people are looking now more than ever for positive bits of news — and one of the most popular places they’re going to be looking is on social media.

Use the potential of added exposure to keep your social channels positive and uplifting, with motivational, feel-good and engaging content. This may mean going back through your scheduled social media posts and re-evaluating what you’ve scheduled previously.


With many businesses having to scale back their operations (or shut down completely), the outbreak might be a good time to sit down and re-think your social media and digital marketing strategies.

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Although the COVID-19 outbreak is uncharted territory, the need for customers to be able to not only find your business online, but be able to shop and interact, is at an all-time high. Use the potential downtime the pandemic is providing you to re-focus your digital marketing strategies by evaluating your website, social media channels, advertising campaigns and more for efficiency.

Ask for help

At times like this, SmartSolutions understands that managing the current state of your company in the midst of a global pandemic can be a massive undertaking. Our team can help assess your company’s marketing strategies and efforts and help you create a plan that will not only help you get through the COVID-19 outbreak, but thrive in the online space well after. Contact our team today to get your free consultation!


Every company has a story — and at SmartSolutions, we’re passionate about helping you tell that story.