October 21, 2019

Importance of Instagram in 2019

For owners of a business of virtually any size, social media is a vital component of a successful marketing plan. However, one of the fastest-growing social platforms, Instagram, is proving to be one of the most valuable pieces. Why should brands, especially those with more visually-leaning products and services, be focusing more on Instagram?

Why Instagram? Volume.

First and foremost, there’s just a few people active every day on Instagram — well, 500 million, to be exact. Over half of Instagram’s monthly active users are logging in daily, and actively engaging with brands and peers on the platform.

With the daily active, not just monthly, growing almost every day, Instagram is quickly rising to the top of the social media marketing channel ranks.

Cohesive with Facebook

As mentioned in previous posts, Instagram is now owned by Facebook, which means a cohesive advertising and marketing plan can be managed for both platforms at one time. Now, not only are your accounts linked together for easy management, but your brand’s advertising on Facebook can run on Instagram as well and vice versa.

By running advertisements in Facebook’s “Ads Manager,” you can opt to have the same ads running on Instagram, as well, under the same budget — and bonus, not only will it give that ad more exposure, it will also give your profile on Instagram more exposure as well.

Seeing More Engagement than Facebook

With higher engagement numbers becoming more and more the primary focus, businesses and brands are looking for any and every avenue to increase engagement rates across their pages. High-quality images and content, for example, are seeing a 23% higher engagement rate on Instagram than they are on Facebook.

But it’s not just that the brands are seeing higher engagement rates among their followers — they’re also seeing engagement rates as high as 10x higher on Instagram in general than they are on Facebook — making Instagram a nearly invaluable tool to exhibit your company’s services or products to potential customers.


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