August 7, 2019

How To: Setup Instagram for Business

Congratulations, you’ve just set up a brand new Instagram account for your business. But now comes the intimidating part — getting that profile set up and optimized to reach your desired audience.

One of the first steps in getting your profile optimized is making sure that you are setup as a business profile, which not only helps users differentiate people from brands, but also gives your followers more ways to contact you and discover your offerings.

Once you’ve setup your Instagram business account, it’s time to connect the account to your company’s Facebook page, should you already have one.

And just like that, your profile is ready to go!

Now, not only are your accounts linked together for easy management, but your advertising on Facebook can run on Instagram as well and vice versa (since Facebook owns Instagram). Converting to a business profile also gives you analytic insights into your followers, such as engagement rates, keeping tabs on your following and best time of day to send new posts.


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