October 14, 2019

Monthly Small Business Marketing Roundup

For small business owners, the world of digital marketing can feel ever-changing — and the reality is, it is. Looking to keep up on the latest changes, updates and news in the marketing world? The SmartSolutions monthly marketing roundup has you covered.

Instagram Makes Changes

A look at Instagram’s new “dark mode.” (Image via alextooby.com)

Upon the release of Apple’s iOS 13, Instagram has released a bevy of changes — most notable, removing the “following” tab, a “create” interface for Instagram Stories and dark mode.

By removing the following tab on user profiles, Instagram did away with a feature that many failed to use, if they even knew it was there. Nestled under the “likes” tab, the “following” page allowed you to see the liking and following activity of those you followed. A new “create” feature for Instagram Stories gives businesses and users “template” styles to help create more engaging story content, and the new “dark mode” creates a “blacked out” look for the app.

A New “Messaging” App

Instagram has also released a new app called “Threads,” described as a “messaging app for close friends.” The idea behind Threads was that the platform “saw the need to stay more connected with your smaller circle of friends throughout the day, to communicate what you’re doing and how you’re feeling through photos and videos.”

New Photo Layouts for Facebook?

Always experimenting with different formats, layouts and styles with their news feed, Facebook is apparently testing new image-formatting options for multiple images that have been posted in the feed.

A look at Facebook’s new testing of image layouts. (Image via socialmediatoday.com)

New Facebook Business Tools

Facebook continues to make connecting with audiences easier for companies (despite making organic reach more difficult), and that hasn’t changed as they roll out new features in October. Most notably, the platform is giving business pages more lead generation tools in Facebook Messenger, including appointment booking, and new collaborative and monetization features for “stories.” To learn more about some of Facebook’s upcoming changes, click here.

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