Food MarketMaker utilized SmartSolutions to drive platform registrations and awareness.


The Food MarketMaker brand is an online platform and national network that connects farmers and fishermen with food retailers, processors, caterers, chefs, customers and more.

When Food MarketMaker came to SmartSolutions in 2019, they were not only looking to grow their social media platforms, but were also looking to drive platform registrations and awareness to their cause. To achieve this goal, SmartSolutions worked with Food MarketMaker to implement social media and email marketing strategies to their pre-existing channels.

“… thanks as well for the marketing impact you’ve made on our behalf. We know we made a very smart choice when we engaged your team. In return, we will continue to sing your praises among our partner organizations.”— Dar Knipe, co-founder, Food MarketMaker


We worked with the Food MarketMaker team to develop a social media strategy that centered around not only driving platform registrations, but to highlight the local farms, family-owned businesses and operations that make Food MarketMaker the platform that it is today. By implementing these new strategies, we created not only a brand awareness for how Food MarketMaker is helping farmers and local businesses connect with buyers and customers, but we also created an opportunity to feature these local businesses directly on Food MarketMaker’s social channels — providing exposure and a “marketing boost” for these businesses.


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