November 4, 2019

2019 Holiday Season Marketing Tips

It’s finally November — which means if they haven’t already, it’s time for small business owners to begin thinking about their holiday season marketing strategies.

Nearly 20% of annual retail sales come during the holiday season — with hobby, toy and gift stores reporting the highest share at roughly 30%. And whether it be utilizing your company’s social media or offering deals and hosting in-store events, the holidays can be some of the most profitable times for small business owners.

Organic social media posts

When it comes to social media content, not only do users engage more with organic content such as images and videos, but it’s also useful for “cracking the code” that is Facebook and Instagram’s news feed algorithms. More organic content drives more engagement, which means more prominent features in the news feed, which in turn drives more engagement — you get the picture.

Proper email marketing

With a proper email marketing strategy, not only are you reaching customers where they already are — over 99% of users are opening their inbox at least once every day, according to HubSpot — but you’re also creating an opportunity to personalize your interactions with them. (Of course, be careful not to spam your customers’ inbox!)

Hosting in-store events

Utilizing some of the marketing methods mentioned above, promoting and hosting in-store events can be an excellent way to not only drive people into your business’ storefront, but it can also be a great way to connect with customers on a personal level, putting a face to your store.

Different in-store events that could be used as loyalty-building opportunities could include seasonal events featuring in-store specials with food and drinks, or even a holiday sip ‘n’ shop with a creative giftwrapping demo and class — all supplies included for those who shop that night. Regardless of the event, using social media and email marketing to drive customers and potential customers into the store to meet and greet with your staff, while receiving exclusive deals, can go a long way toward building a loyal customer for years to come.


Finally, one final way you can work to build a loyal customer base is perhaps the simplest, tried-and-true way: promotions, deals and coupons.

Everybody likes to feel like they’re getting the best deal possible, right? Utilizing the aforementioned tactics of social media and email to offer your customers exclusive coupons, deals and promotions not only creates a brand awareness, it creates further shopping opportunities for your customers where they otherwise might not have been looking. You’re creating sales by reaching them when they’re not expecting it, and you’re creating a loyal customer by offering them incentives to shop with you, whether that be for the very first time or as a returning customer.


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