January 7, 2020

Latest Twitter Trends & Updates for 2020

Happy New Year from SmartSolutions! With the dawn of a new decade, there’s no better time than now for your business to put social media at the forefront of your company’s marketing operations. Here’s a quick look at some of the top marketing trends and platform updates for Twitter as we begin 2020.

Topic Following

A look at the Twitter web redesign from 2019.

In 2019, Twitter made a handful of platform updates — from introducing dark mode to a complete redesign of the web app. However, there’s one update in particular that could benefit business accounts as a whole.

In late 2019, Twitter announced the ability to follow specific topics across the platform — breaking from the traditional account-only following process. By following specific topics such as “marketing,” specific sports and teams and more, users are being exposed to more tweets from accounts they may not follow individually, thus lending businesses the upper-hand in getting in front of potential new followers.

Marketing: Twitter Threads

Utilizing Twitter “threads,” which allows users to send multiple tweets in one organized manner, is nothing new. However, companies should be aware of best practices in how to use these threads to help market their products or services.

A perfect example of how to utilize Twitter threads was from the Disney+ account just weeks before their launch of the streaming platform. The account tweeted out a 400+ tweet thread that detailed each and every item launching on the platform.

The thread was successful for multiple reasons. For one, the tweets were sent out one at a time (instead of in one big batch), thus ensuring the tweets were spaced out and would remain seen by followers. By using one tweet for each title, it also allowed users to quote-tweet or retweet their favorites, creating engagement opportunities that wouldn’t normally be seen by one tweet alone.

Ongoing Shift to Video

Social media’s shift from emphasis on photos to an emphasis on videos continue, and Twitter is no exception. Whenever possible, using your Twitter account to distribute quality video content can have two- and three-times the engagement rates as a standard, static photo. Consider investing in quality video content for your company’s social media platforms in 2020.

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