Candleberry and UnEarthed enlisted SmartSolutions to help optimize social and drive website traffic.


Lisa Clark, the owner of The Candleberry Candle Company and UnEarthed Luxury Candles, is just like you — a candle lover. That’s why Candleberry and its sister company, UnEarthed, were founded nearly 30 years ago.

When Candleberry and UnEarthed came to SmartSolutions in early 2020, they were not only looking to grow their social media platforms, but were also looking to drive more meaningful traffic to their website and, in turn, target customers who are more apt to make purchases. To achieve this goal, SmartSolutions worked with both Candleberry and UnEarthed to implement a comprehensive social media strategy to their pre-existing channels.

“I have not just been impressed by the work SmartSolutions has provided, but I have enjoyed and developed a genuine trusted friendship with them. They are always on task and on time, even when I’m struggling to do so, and they do a wonderful job of blending with our team to represent us just as one of our own employees would.”— Lisa Clark, owner, The Candleberry Candle Company & UnEarthed Luxury Candles


We worked Lisa and both the Candleberry and UnEarthed accounts team to develop a social media strategy that centered utilizing Candleberry’s unique style and content to optimize the social media channels — specifically Facebook and Instagram. In implementing these new strategies, we have seen not only a large increase in the social media audience, but increases in social referral traffic to both the Candleberry and UnEarthed websites, using organic content, product tagging and monthly giveaways.


Follow Candleberry and UnEarthed!

You can follow The Candleberry Candle Company by visiting their website, or following the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

You can follow UnEarthed Luxury Candles by visiting their website, or following the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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